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Magic: The Gathering 2014 Core Set

M14 symbol.jpg

M14, the new Magic: the Gathering core set, is upon us. Players from all formats will be lining up to get new cards to put into their favorite decks. Enterprising individuals will be looking to cash in on new set. Wives and girlfriends will once again lament on how their menfolk will spend playing this silly little game instead of spending time with them. Oh the joys and sorrows of a new set!

As someone who has played the game since 1995 (albeit casually), the arrival of a new hasn't gotten old. I love new cards to play with and below are my favorites (per color).

Fiendslayer Paladin (White) 

Although Archangel of Thune will probably make more of an impact in Standard, this guy is my choice card for white just coz he looks cool! It also doesn't hurt that he can dodge most black and red removal and can gain you life. Finally, first strike makes for a great cherry on the top!

Galerider Sliver (Blue) 

A 1/1 flying Sliver for U and ALL Slivers gain flying?! Yes please! 

 Lifebane Zombie (Black)

I was deciding whether I liked this guy better than Xathrid Necromancer (who can get out of hand if left alone long enough). Then I thought about how much more I hated seeing a Voice of Resurgence across the table so I settled on this guy. The fact that he also nabs Thragtusk, Boros Reckoner, Angel of Serenity is a bonus that is hard to overlook.

 Chandra, Pyromancer (Red)

What's not to like about this firebrand? She pings (and stuns!) your opponent or his creatures and gives you card advantage! All for just an economical four mana (2RR). 

Kalonian Hydra (Green) 

Well, this guy is my favorite card for M14. This multi-headed monster can end the game should he get to attack twice. He also shares the love with all your creatures (the ones with counters at least). DAYM! 

Now, how do I dodge Doom Blade? 

Well, those are my favorite cards for M14. Card singles, boosters, boxes, intro packs and fat packs will be available for purchase in all Comic Quest stores starting this Friday (July 19). 

Till next time then!